damiensenn300Hello, my name is Damien Senn and it's nice to meet you here.

I am a creative director,  story teller and observational photographer.

For 4 years, I hosted the online Radio Show called People You Should Meet.

I created 'People You Should Meet' to share the stories, wisdom and insights of some of the inspiring people that I have bumped into along my own lifes journey.


my story

katrina and meI was born in Melbourne, Australia and after stints of living in both London and Los Angeles, I now reside in the English seaside town of St Leonards in East Sussex with my wife, soulmate and creative partner Katrina Love Senn.

In what seems to be another lifetime, I graduated with a commerce degree from the University of Melbourne and  qualified as a chartered accountant, before I moved to London in search of my fortune. 

In my time 'in the city', I contracted my services out to some of the largest financial institutions in the world including Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, BNP Paribus and Aviva.

On the surface I had the appearance of a man going somewhere... my choice of work assignments, big consulting fees, tailored suits and nice overseas holidays.

city213But there was a small problem...  

I just wasn't that interested in where I was headed.

I kept trying to reassure myself that the money would somehow make it worthwhile. I sucked it up, feined comformity and did my best to fit in.

But every day I showed up to the office, I wondered why I didn't have the courage to just stop. Call it a day. And get on with doing something more meaningful...

I was trapped inside a golden cage.

My spirit was being held hostage by a life that I didn't want to lead.  And the worst part was that I just couldn't see a way out of it.

And then on the 7th of October 2003, at the age of 28, a twist of fate would change my life forever...

To be continued...


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