damien senn350Damien Senn is a Creative Director at Large.
He is a visionary, natural intuitive and creative problem solver.
Damien has a unique ability to help individuals and teams recognise their innate gifts and talents so they can confidently create the things that matter most.
Today he devotes his time and attention to the creative projects and people that intrigue and inspire him.
Damien has dedicated over two decades of his life to actively studying the creative process, business and entrepreneurship.
He has a commerce degree from the University of Melbourne. And qualified as a chartered accountant whilst working with Big 4 accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers.
In his former London business life, Damien consulted for some of the biggest investment banks in the world. Including Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank and BNP Paribus.
At the age of 28, he was headhunted to become the Managing Director of one of the UK's fastest growing seminar businesses.
In 2003, Damien’s life took a surprising turn when he had a 'near death' car crash at high speed.
This awakening experience not only changed his life forever, it now informs his creative process.
About Damien's personal journey.
Damien was born and educated in Melbourne, Australia.
He has travelled widely around the world and has spent extensive amounts of time living in the UK, US, New Zealand, Greece, Italy, Spain and Indonesia.
damien katrina350He now resides in the creative enclave of St Leonards, on the East Sussex coast of England with his wife, soulmate and creative partner Katrina Love Senn.
Damien has a wide range of personal and creative interests. 
He set up the infamous London tech entreprenuer networking club called ‘Web Wednesdays’.
He was also an early adopter in the podcasting movement.  He ran the 'People You Should Meet' Radio Show for four years interviewing world leaders from the personal development and spirituality arenas.
Damien has extensively explored many different personal awareness systems, including Human Design, Myers Briggs, the Enneagram, Wealth Dynamics, Numerology and Astrology.
He is a Business Master Practitioner of NLP, High Performance Coach and Competent Toastmaster.
In his personal creative practice Damien enjoys observational photography, writing poetry, drawing, improvised comedy, choir singing and reading tarot.
You can find some of his current personal creative exploration here on this site.