monkLast night I had a dream about a monk tending to his perfect garden.

The garden was exquisite in its design and immaculate in every way.  The white roses were in full bloom, the hedges impeccably groomed and the lilies covered the pond with an idyllic splendour...


There was a deep symmetry and a harmony there. Everything was in its perfect place and it gave me an overwhelming feeling of peace.

A powerful transmission.

It was a powerful transmission to receive, particularly given the fact that my wife Katrina and I have just spent the last 18 months of our lives in varying degrees of chaos as we renovated an old Victorian property by the sea.

We finally moved in about 6 weeks ago... We still have some touching up to do around the place… but at long last we have somewhere to call ‘Home’.

Living across the street from our dreams.

While we were restoring the property we rented a room in a shared house across the street.

There were parts of me that had grown used to living within the confines of that room. So much so, that it came as quite a shock when the time came to actually move.

At different stages of the project, the sheer physical, mental and emotional strains had revealed aspects of my personality that I had found challenging to deal with. And the first couple of weeks inside our new house were surprisingly awkward.  I felt irritable as well as a touch obstinate.

And now like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, I felt as if my spirit needed to expand even further in order to adapt to my new surroundings.

Moving past the familiar…

I think that life wants us to grow and expand and experience.

But sometimes we just get caught up, living out the familiar.  So much so, that the familiar can often become comfortable even when it isn’t necessarily so.

What are you willing to relinquish?

Life is always inviting us to relinquish the things that we no longer need or that no longer serve us.  If only we are willing to listen and let go…

My dad skyped me this week and asked me if it was okay for him to throw out the remaining artifacts from my childhood on my behalf.  They had spent the last 18 years gathering dust in my parents garage and the time had come for them to go.

Of course I said it was ‘okay’, but then I wondered to myself ‘Why have I unconsciously held on to this stuff for so long’?

It was an unanswerable question really.   Everything has its own time and we all have our own unique process.

Is obtaining the perfect garden really what it is all about?

Maybe obtaining the perfect garden isn’t really what it’s all about.

Perhaps the pinnacle of our experience is contending with our humanness with openess as we journey towards the perfect garden?

The full glory of ourselves.

As we traverse, no matter how hard we try to avoid it, we will ultimately come face to face with the 'full glory of ourselves'…

Our moments of pure joy as well as our deep pain…

Our experiences of true flow as well as our paralyzing fears…

Our flashes of genius as well as our intolerable weaknesses…

Your edges, no matter how you choose to cover them over, yearn for your attention, your deep recognition and your love…

For the one simple reason…

You are beautiful just as you are…

And a parting poem to remember…

One day you will have your perfect garden.

We all will.

So let’s just use

The precious moments that we have

To extend kindness to each other

And to ourselves

As we bask in the sunlight

Watching our petals fall to the ground

Journeying Home