chaosIt could be pretty easy to cast an eye over this earth realm and see a total disaster zone. 

Endless wars, government corruption, bank bailouts, job cuts, austerity measures and environmental destruction, all paint a picture of a world, if not completely mad, then certainly one that is more than a little unhinged.


Are we all being collectively marched forward towards some kind of existential precipice?

Is there any good to be had from being swept up in this unfolding chaos?

Personally I like to think that there is some greater intelligence behind it all. Just like a rainbow emerging from behind a storm cloud.

I have come face to face with chaos many times on my own journey and it has always blessed my life with greater clarity, awareness, creativity and aliveness.  

As unsettling as it might seem, if you have found yourself staring into the eyes of chaos, here are 5 thoughts to help you harness it’s true transformative power.

1. Chaos helps release the past.  Most of us cling to the things that we no longer need, including all the disappointments, upsets, hurts and regrets.  Chaos creates the conditions that help you to let go of the things that no longer serve you.  Imagine if your house was burning down and you were inside of it.  Would you try and rescue all the insignificant artefacts of your life or would you focus upon saving the few irreplaceable things that are most meaningful to you?  Chaos forces you to let go of the past, so you can be more present in the world.

2. Chaos catalyses reinvention.  Comedian Louis CK, attributes much of his present day success to a piece of advice given to him by one of the all time great comics, George Carlin.  Carlin recommended that he compile his best material into a yearly special and then throw it out and start all over again.  The chaos and space that ensues from this process are great ingredients to fire the creative process (it also delivers great comedic value too!).

3. Chaos is a comfort zone breaker.  Let’s face it. All of us have fallen into comfort zones at one time or another throughout our journeys. Where it can become problematic is when you find yourself stuck in it.  Chaos brings an opportunity to break out of a job that you have out grown, relationships that have run their course and personal habits that are no longer a reflection of who you are.  Use chaos to step outside of what is comfortable for you so you can discover more of who you truly are.

4. Chaos is a call to reinvent yourself.  Pop Star Madonna is what many believe the queen of self reinvention due to her adaptations of both her image and her music.  In a brutal celebrity world that so easily discards its' pop princesses, Madonna has become the greatest selling female artist of all time.  What in your life is begging for reinvention?

5. Chaos brings you one step closer to your master work.  We are all here on this realm to do something extraordinary.  When it feels like your world is falling apart, it is important that you get focused upon your core strengths and passions, as well as your true reason for being here on this earth realm.  What are your life lessons culminating towards?  What is the greatest gift that you could offer life itself?

6.  Chaos is the doorway to your next level of evolution.  Chaos can be so intense that it can feel as if we are somehow being pushed towards the very end.  Just remember that every exit is an entry to somewhere else.  What the caterpillar perceives to be the end, is really just the metamorphic doorway to becoming a butterfly.  

Whenever you find yourself in a spot of chaos, take a deep breath, smile and step forward.  There is always something truly amazing for you to discover.